Address:88, College Street; Kolkata-700073
Telephone No: Off: (033) 2212-3853/ 2255-1633
Fax: (033) 2212-3770


Hospital > Services

  • Outdoor services:- The doctors of the hospital attend more than 5000 patients a day in the Outdoor Patient Department (OPD). More details of OPD coming up soon.
  • Indoor services:- The indoor service for admitting patients those who need 24 hours attendance and also those who are considered to be serious or to undergo surgery.More details coming up soon.
  • Counseling:- The Hospital conducts counseling on deadly diseases like AIDS. Also counseling on family planning and psychiatry are done at the Outdoor Service of various departments.
  • Diagnostic & Investigation:- The hospital is well equipped with modern gadget of Diagnostic and Investigation services. Patients may contact respective department for availing of such services. More interactive details are coming up soon..
Specialty Services
  • Round the clock emergency anesthesia services
  • Support services for critical care, including ventilator support
  • Donation of dead bodies for the purpose of medical education
  • Tumour Marker Study
  • Serum Electrophoresis
  • All routine biochemical investigations
  • Special investigations - Thyroid function test, Hormone assay, Lipid profile
  • Support services for critical care, including ventilator support