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    Principal Investigator


    An Open Label, Multicentric Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of MucinexTM (Guaifenesin) 600 mg Extended-Release Bi-Layer Tablets in the Treatment of Otherwise Healthy Patients With Symptoms of Cough, Thickened Mucus and Chest Congestion.

    Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharyya


    International multicentre double blind randomized clinical study evaluating the efficacy and safety of BCD-020 (CJSC BIOCAD, Russia) and MabThera® (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who had an inadequate response or intolerance to other DMARDs including one or more TNF inhibitor therapies”

    Dr. R N Sarkar

    Co-PI: Dr. Kuntal Bhattacharyya


    Request to Develop Site Operating Procedure

    Dr. R N Sarkar


    Role of dipeptideyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) in pathophysiology of Chronic Liver Disease

    Dr. KD Biswas & Dr. Partha Chakrabarti


    Randomised,multicenter,open label, active control study to evaluate the efficacy, tolerability,& safety of Vilazodone in indian adult patient with major depressive disorder(MDD)

    Dr.Sanjay Bhattacharya


    A multicenter, double blind, vehicle controlled, parallel-group study comparing a generic Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel 1% to Voltaren®Gel(Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel) 1% in the treatment of subjects with Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

    Dr.Suresh Kumar Kejriwal


    Randomized, multiple-dose, multicenter, comparative parallel study to evaluate the efficacy, safety, & Pharmacokinetic characteristic of Intra-venous infusion of Rituximab (HETERO) & reference medicinal product Rituximab (Roche) in indian patient of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.




    Antibiotic Usage pattern among in patients of pediatric wards in a tertiary care hospital

    Shatavisa Mukherjee & Dr. Sukanta Sen


    An Epidemiological study on low birth weight newborns in Medical College, Kolkata

    Dr.Soumik Hazra,

    Dr.Partha Sarathi Majumder,

    Dr.Suchisnigdha Biswas,

    Dr.Mayukh Mukherjee


    A randomized, open label, multicentre, comparative clinical trial of IN-SUPER-002 in comparison with fixed dose combination

    (FDC) of Fenofibrate & Rosuvastatin in patients with mixed Dyslipidemia. (DCGI Approval Received)

    Dr.R N Sarkar

    Co-PI: Dr. Kuntal Bhattacharyya


    Determination of sensitivity & specificity of tumor cell biomarker with the help of IMMUNO Technique ELISA.

    Megha Majumdar


    (AB 08026) Prospective,muliticenter,randomized,open-label,active controlled two parallel groups phase-3 study to compare the efficacy & safety of Masitinib at 7.5Mg/Kg/Day to Dacarbazine in the treatment of patients with Non-Resectable or Metastatic Stage-3 or Stage-4 Melanoma carrying A mutation in the Juxta Membrane Domain of C-Kit




    A Randomized, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety & efficacy of Gp2013 & Rituximab in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Refractory or intolerant to standard DMARD’s & one or up three anti-TNF therapies.

    Dr Rathindra Nath Sarkar


    Nutritional Knowledge and Practice among Mothers and Risk of Low Birth weight Baby: A hospital based case control study.

    Dr. C S Taklikar


    The effect of Eastern Classical Raagas including pleasant and unpleasant mood on the specific domains of Cognitive Functioning of the Children suffering from Depression.

    Namrata Chakraborty


    Comparative Study of Efficacy and Safety between Fluticasone Furoate and Azelastine Nasal Spray in Allergic Rhinitis

    Dr. Shirsendu Mondal

    Dr. Soumik Das


    Cardiovascular Health awareness among school children in rural district of Midnapore, India. A school based survey.

    Prof. Dr. Shantanu Guha


    A study on the Prevalence of Rheumatic heart disease amongst school children in rural West Bengal

    Prof. Dr. Shantanu Guha


    A study on the level of BP amongst school children in rural West Bengal

    Prof. Dr. Shantanu Guha


    Estimation of HbA1c level in Normoglycemic Hemolytic Anemia.

    Suvam Das Gupta


    A Randamized , Double blind , Comparative , Prospective , Placebo-controlled , Parallel-Group , Multicentre Study to evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Teneligliptin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Inadequately Controlled with diet and Exercise Alone

    Dr. Arunansu Talukdar

    Associate Professor,

    Department of Medicine,

    Medical College ,Kolkata


    Comparative efficacy , Safety and Tolerability of Inj. Cefozopran Hydrochloride and Inj. Cefpirome Sulphate in the treatment of Community Acquired Pneumonia – An Open –Label Study

    Prof. R. N. Sarkar

    Professor of General Medicine , Medical College ,Kolkata


    An open label , multicentric Study to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of Mucinex TM (Guaifenesin) 600 mg Extended –Release Bi-Layer Tablets in the Treatment of Otherwise Healthy Patients With Symptoms of Cough , Thickened Mucus and Chest Congestion

    Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya

    Department of Medicine ,

    Medical College , Kolkata


    A Multi-Center , Double Blind , Placebo-Controlled , Randomized , Parallel-Group Study to evaluate the safety and clinical equivalence of a Generic Sucralfate Oral Suspension , 1 g/10 ml (Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc., USA) to Carafate Suspension , 1 g/10 ml (Aptalis Pharma , Inc.,[ Formerly Axcan Pharma US , Inc., USA ]) in the treatment of active duodenal ulcer disease .

    Dr. Kalidas Biswas

    Associate Professor,

    Department of Gastroenterology,

    Medical College ,Kolkata


    A Phase III open label , randomized , multicenter trail to assess the efficacy and safety of the dispersible arterolane maleate 37.5 mg and piperaquine phosphate (PQP)187.5 mg tablets in comparison with Coartem dispersible in pediatric patrients with acute uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria

    Prof. Kalpana Dutta


    Immunogenicity and safety of a tetravalent Dengue Vaccine in healthy adult subjects aged 18 to 45 years in India (Notification of IB & IDMC)

    Prof. S. B. Ganguly

    Professor of Medicine

    MCH , Kol


    An assessor blind , parallel , multicentric randomized placebo-controlled study to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of Estradiol 10µg (Test product : Manufactured by Famy Care Ltd. , TTC Industrial Area , Thane Belapur Road , Navi Mumbai 400709) with Vagifem (Reference drug : Manufactured by Novo Nordisk Inc. 100 College Road West Princeton , NJ 08540 , USA 1-888-824-4336)in healthy postmenopausal women with symptoms of vular and vaginal atrophy and no contraindication to estrogen therapy

    Prof. Amit Kumar Sil

    Professor of Gynecology , Medical College ,Kolkata


    Molecular epidemiological study for evaluating role of potential host factors as markers of susceptibility of leprosy in West Bengal , India

    Dr. Nilay Kanti Das

    Associate Professor,

    Department of Dermatology,

    Medical College ,Kolkata